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Insurance Tracker Software©   Version 5.2 , our most current release

** UPDATED FOR 2012, 2013 HIPAA 5010 and CPT code CHANGES and ICD-10**        
Works with all PCs running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10  and works with MACs running Parallels and Windows

Designed for clinicians dealing with health insurance and/or managed care, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Counselors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, etc.  Designed by a team led by a computer-savy practicing Psychologist and including staff who actually do the billing, along with the software design guys. Results - a logical and user-friendly interface to help with the business end of clinical practice.  Makes insurance billing and control of the $$ end of your practice easy. Makes managed care easier (nothing makes it easy). You've never been this organized.  Here's what the program will do for you:

  • Track health insurance authorizations and payments, patient payments and co-payments
  • Records all of your service delivery
  • Stay alert to remaining sessions authorized and required updates to managed care
  • Works as your ledger and does all the math
  • Generate professional patient bills or receipts in 2 clicks on your own letterhead (created by the program)
  • Add custom messages to patient bills

  Loads of built-in reports to manage your practice.
Some of the on-screen and printable Smart Reports the Insurance Tracker creates in just one or two mouse clicks:

  • See what sessions have not yet been submitted to the insurance carrier, organized by patient or by insurance company
  • Create a report of your Active Patients or change patient status from Active to Inactive (and back)
  • See all outstanding balances sorted by patient
  • See how many 'authorized' sessions remain for each active patient, and the date range of the authorization. Shows a negative number if you have run over. Track insurance authorizations specific to type of service
  • Get a detailed income report on your practice, including insurance payments, copays and insurance adjustments, for time periods you specify
  • See your clinical sessions per month
  • Track either clinical sessions or service units
  • See your total income per specified time period
  • Generate a bill or summary statement for a patient on your own letterhead the program creates
  • See your sessions per month and payments received per month on a printable graph
  • Generate 30, 60 and 90 day 'aging reports' on outstanding insurance payments
  • Print a "Managed Care Damage Report" of how 'adjustments' have affected your income.
  • Print patient bills to Word if you wish, allowing you to customize them even further.
  • Print mailing labels or envelopes from within the Tracker directly to Word.
  • Store client email addresses and send email from within the Tracker
  • in Individual Clinician Version 5.2

    New Data Protection Features:
    •One button backup of your data from within the Insurance Tracker to any location you choose, on the computer or more safely on an external drive. Backups are named by their date and time and new ones do not replace older ones – allowing you to recover data from any saved backup.
    •Enhanced stability in the program and protection from issues resulting from improper data entry (by humans)
    •Password protect access to the program and your data
    •Easy but very secure password recovery if lost
    •Version 5 will update the 2 previous versions (4.3 and 4.4) while safely maintaining all data

    New Reports including:
    •Payment summary for today, making it easy to confirm that your payments received and your data entry agree
    •Cash payments
    •Improved summary report of all patients with names, addresses, emails and phone numbers, and ability to export to Word.

    New Features including:
    •Link each patient’s billing information directly to his/her clinical note file, no matter what type of file you use for your clinical notes. Jump to your notes directly from within the Tracker, i.e., to check for consistency in billing dates and dates of service
    •Record patient payment/copayment types (cash, check, debit, credit card) in addition to insurance payments
    •Assign patient ID no. generated automatically by the program or use your own patient numbering system
    •Improved patient information recording format
    •Greatly enhanced recording of patient info, responsible party info, parent or guardian info, including phone, cell phones, addresses, emails and social security nos.
    •Automatic entry of redundant information
    •Automatic time stamping (date and time) of the most recent change to an individual patient’s record.
    •Improved handling of refunds and adjustments to patient balances
    •Updated online help file

  • Priced at only $89. for the Individual Clinician version.

Group Clinical Practice version (v.4.3) only $149.    designed for multiple clinicians in one practice.

Professional Biller's version (v.4.3) only $149. designed for the biller working for multiple clinicians/practices.

$40. discount available when purchased with the EASYCMS1500 Form Filler.


Runs on any Windows computer with XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or  11

Email and lifetime FREE scheduled telephone support provided.

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